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Preventing Mac OS X from becoming a Master Browser on Windows networks

  • System Notes: Mac OS X 10.5.x and 10.6.x, Various Windows Clients

The organization I work for has a network of Windows clients, with 3 Mac systems thrown in by the Marketing department for artistic and production needs.  The three Macs are configured for normal Windows network browsing, but are not a part of our Active Directory infrastructure.  They tend to take turns taking over as the master browser for the default WORKGROUP setup, and they have never been able to provide any type of browsing support for any other systems that use the WORKGROUP non-AD setup.

After searching in vain for a solution to this problem in the past, I just recently revisited the issue and finally found a solution, which I present here with other Windows administrators in mind (and this assumes you have at least a minor proficiency in navigating the OS X interface):

  1. Open the Terminal application from the Utilities group in OS X.
  2. Type in sudo nano /etc/smb.conf.
  3. Find and move to the [global] section of the file.
  4. Either change, or add, the following lines:

              os level = 0
              lm announce = False
              preferred master = False
              local master = No
              domain master = False

Restart the Mac once these changes are complete.  This should prevent it from attempting to do anything related to network browsing, at least from a list hosting or master browser perspective.  It will not prevent the Mac from browsing other already available network resources.

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