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HD streaming via RTSP from a Samsung network camera to Samsung MagicInfo content management software

  • System Notes: Samsung SNB-6004 Network Camera, Samsung MagicInfo Premium Server (Version 2002.1), Samsung MagicInfo Premium iPlayer (Client Software; Versions 1007.10, 1009.7, 1100.9, 2001.3, 2002.2), VLC 2.1.3

We needed to take the HD output feed from a Samsung low-light security camera and send it to multiple MagicInfo iPlayer clients for broadcast purposes.  The main problem with doing this via the provided web interface for the camera was that the interface controls could not be hidden automatically, to show the feed only.  We were able to get around this by using the RTSP direct feed from the camera.  However, getting the MagicInfo clients to display the RTSP feed required a rather tricky setup involving the VLC media player and its associated web plugin.

First, install the VideoLAN VLC media player on each of your MagicInfo client systems (we used version 2.1.3, which was current at the time of this setup).  Then set up a custom HTML file with the VLC web plugin commands to load up the RTSP feed from the camera in full-screen 1920×1080 mode.  An example of this file can be found here, along with one that loads the same feed through Windows Media Player (and which we never did figure out how to get working), as well as some notes on the camera feeds.  Save this custom file on each of your MagicInfo client systems at C:\inetpub\wwwroot, which is the default directory for the local IIS setup on Samsung digital signage PCs.

Next, you will need to create a custom LFD file in the MagicInfo Premium Author program.  It should load up the file you created in the previous step as a single-page, full-screen, Internet Explorer source.  The URL for this page should be set to http://localhost/camerafeed.html (assuming that is the name of the file you created), the Vertical Scroll Pos should be 15, and the Horizontal Scroll Pos should be 10.  Publish this LFD file to the MagicInfo Premium Server.  It should show up in the Content section, just like any other resource, and can be scheduled as needed.

Additional Notes:

The above assumes you are comfortable working with the MagicInfo software in general, and the MagicInfo Author program in particular.  It also assumes you are using Samsung-provided set-back PC boxes (or “digital signage PCs” as Samsung calls them).  We tested with several models, such as SBB-D16AX2/ZA.

The default RTSP link on the Samsung SNB-6004 is rtsp://<ip address>:554/profile2/media.smp.  The default RTSP port is 554, and this can be adjusted through the web interface settings on the camera (although we could find no way to change the link path itself).  Make sure you set the “Enable RTSP connection without authentication” option, also found on the web interface settings (or optionally you can add Username and Password entries on the relevant fields in the LFD file, but we did not test this).

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