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Exchange Server ActiveSync error message with HTTP status code 409

March 23, 2010 1 comment
  • System Notes: Exchange 2003 Enterprise

After migrating accounts from an Exchange 2003 Standard server to an Exchange 2003 Enterprise server recently, one particular user account kept generating Event ID 3005 error messages in the Application log. The full text of the error message went as follows: “Event Type: Error, Event Source: Server ActiveSync, Event ID: 3005, Description: Unexpected Exchange mailbox Server error: Server: [server1] User: [user1] HTTP status code: [409]. Verify that the Exchange mailbox Server is working correctly.” This message would appear several times a day.

The user in question had no problems with his e-mail account via Outlook or OWA. However, when attempting to use his Palm Pre smart phone, he could see and read his e-mails, but he could not delete them or reply to them, nor view any Contacts or Calendar information. We have at least 10 other user accounts that were migrated in the same way, and were using various types of smart phones, including two other Palm Pres. None of them had this problem.

After much searching on the web, I ultimately determined the only way to correct this problem would be to delete the user mailbox and recreate it. Once scheduled with the user, I backed up the mailbox to a PST file, then used the Exchange Tasks wizard to Delete Mailbox. I forced the cleanup agent to run with the Run Cleanup Agent from the Exchange System Manager, then purged the mailbox from the server.

After re-creating the mailbox, anyone who e-mailed the user was getting SMTP 5.1.7 errors (“The e-mail address could not be found. Perhaps the recipient moved to a different e-mail organization, or there was a mistake in the address. Check the address and try again.”). Something was obviously wrong with the mailbox, so I deleted it a second time following the steps above. I then ran the Exchange Task “Remove Exchange Attributes,” and again recreated the mailbox. This time, no problems with e-mails going to or coming from the mailbox.

I had the user remove and re-add his Exchange account information on the Palm Pre, and everything then worked correctly. No more errors from Exchange in the Application log.