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The Smart Array 642 controller is reporting a “degraded” battery condition, forcing the accelerator portion of the controller offline

September 6, 2005 Leave a comment
  • System Notes: HP ProLiant ML350 G4 Tower Server, Windows 2000 Server Enterprise, Service Pack 4

Discovered By: Various local and contract employees, as far back as 9/2004.

Steps to Resolution:

  1. Called HP support on 9/6/05 to set up a replacement of the affected battery.
  2. While working with the HP support tech, discovered that this is not a battery problem but a problem with the firmware revision currently on the Smart Array controller. Firmware must be updated before we can determine if a battery replacement is required.
  3. Downloaded update file CP005873.exe as directed by HP support tech.
  4. Will install according to manufacturing schedule of availability for the lyo server. System must be restarted to complete the install.
  5. 9/7/05: ran CP005873.exe file and installed firmware update. Shut down and restarted system. Upon restart, the system indicated the battery was in a low-charge state and it would begin recharging it. All other system functions normal. Will check status again on 9/8/05 and verify recharge has completed.
  6. 9/8/05, 8:45 AM: verified array accelerator battery is fully charged. Array accelerator came back online automatically at 3:30 PM on 9/7/05. Problem solved.