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Error Message: “Disc Copier could not detect any supported recorders”

December 29, 2005 Leave a comment
  • System Notes: Dell Inspiron 600m, HP D530 CMT, both running Windows XP SP2

Software Notes:
Roxio Easy CD Creator 6
Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6
Basic & Platinum Versions

  1. I have determined this problem is caused by a newer, post-SP2 patch or update for Windows XP from Microsoft. I’m unsure which one specifically.
  2. My original equipment was a Dell Inspiron 600m laptop, and I have also seen this problem occur on an HP D530 desktop system.
  3. The problem occurs when installing Roxio AFTER patching a new Windows XP SP2 system.
  4. The solution is to install Roxio BEFORE doing any of the post-SP2 patches/updates. Installing all patches/updates after installing Roxio does not cause the problem to re-appear.

Additional Notes:
I tried the “RoxioZap” utility suggested on the Roxio support forums and it had no effect. The same goes for running the Roxio Assistant program.


On our Building Management System (BMS, Siemens), CD and DVD drives were not showing up in My Computer

August 8, 2005 Leave a comment
  • System Notes: HP D530 CMT Computer, Windows XP Service Pack 1

Discovered By: Siemens, when they tried to load a driver for a dot matrix replacement printer.

Steps to Resolution:

  1. Looked at the System Hardware Manager and noted that both the CD and DVD drives indicated driver errors.
  2. Discovered multiple instances of Event ID 7 and 7026 in the System Event Log.
  3. Based on suggestions found on the web site for the previous listed Event IDs, reset the BIOS to defaults. No change in problem.
  4. Flashed the BIOS from version 1.11 to version 2.43. Again reset to BIOS defaults. No change in problem.
  5. Removed the D: CD-ROM drive, restarted computer with only the DVD writer attached. No change in problem.
  6. Removed the DVD writer and tested it and the CD-ROM drive in a second computer. Both worked flawlessly.
  7. Determined problem must be with the secondary IDE controller on the motherboard, as the primary controller with the hard drive attached to it was having no problems.
  8. Decided appropriate action would be to use a PCI-based IDE controller to run the DVD writer short term, while requesting a motherboard replacement from HP for the long term. Purchased a PCI interface IDE controller from CompUSA, installed it with the DVD writer attached, installed drivers in Windows XP when prompted. Same problem as before, the drive still would not show up under My Computer, and indicated an error in the Hardware Manager.
  9. Determined that the problem could now be Windows XP based (software), and not system/motherboard based (hardware).
  10. Installed a separate hard drive with Windows 2000 on it in the system, and booted to that hard drive. DVD writer showed up correctly and work flawlessly from that boot drive. This indicates that we have a Windows XP software problem, and not a hardware problem.
  11. Searched the web for similar problems, and determined that the Roxio Easy CD and DVD Creator 6 software may be at fault. Shut down system, unplugged DVD writer, rebooted, used Add/Remove Programs to remove Roxio Easy CD and DVD Creator 6 software. Shut down system again, connected DVD writer, restarted system. No change.
  12. Checked with Siemens to determine if an installation of Service Pack 2 for Windows XP would cause any problems with the Insight software. No problems. Proceeded to install Service Pack 2. During the install, Windows indicated that the cdrom.sys file was corrupt. We copied this file from another Windows XP system, and the Service Pack 2 install completed successfully. After a reboot, the DVD writer drive showed up correctly in My Computer.
  13. Re-installed the Roxio Easy CD and DVD Creator 6 software. Formatted a new DVD+RW disk for the nightly backup, and then tested the backup routines. All files were written to the DVD successfully. Problem resolved.